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your host-family

Stavroula and Tassos Vagias have opened the pension and restaurant in the 1980’s.

Before that, they have –like many other Greeks- lived in Germany for a couple of years and felt well at home overthere. More reason to return this hospitality. They speak german and where language falls short, they manage to communicate with hands, feet and a lot of mime. The moment ‚Daddy‘ enters the restaurant, he will instantly spread his good mood.

‚Mummy‘ is 70 years old, but you wouldn’t tell. She is in control of the pension including breakfast, assisted by a few employees and her niece Anglaia. Anglaia is 25 years old and already a mother. Anglaia’s mother is Elena, the women who cooks the delicious meals you will be served in the restaurant.
Ina is the second women in charge of the kitchen. She is wife of the current leader: Athanasios. Ina is from Russia, so the has fled the icy cold eternal winter to the warmth of south Corfu, out of love for Athanasios.

Athanasios will always look after his guest in his happy and polite way and is fluent in a creative blend of German and English. His three sons speak the same medly of languages.


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