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Kerkyra (Corfu) is a beautiful island

Kerkyra has a lovely radiance, many streetcafe’s, restaurants, boutique shops, squares and a harbour. A large quantity of cultural and historical specialties await to be discovered.

The Italy-like mountain scenery in the north of the island makes an exciting outing for many of our guests.

In the south you will find the real Greek mainland-feeling with its many olive orchards, the goats and sheep, chickens roaming about, narrow alleys, partly sleepy and partly very lively villages and the usual stir in the ‚kafenions‘.

Who likes to take a boat to the mainland, Igoumenitsa or Ioannina, can do so only four miles away on a car ferry that leaves from Lefkimi.You will reach Igoumenitsa in 45 minutes and from there the old-Greek theatre Dodoni is only 10 minutes away.

But please just ask us when you get here, we are happy to advice you how to spend your days with us.

We are also glad to help in case you wish to rent a car, bike or Vespa.


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