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Enjoy your lunch in a peaceful place

From noon our partly covered terrace will not only invite for lunch and drinks, but also to relax, read, chat and look out over the garden and and sea. With suitable Greek background music, birdsongs and icecold drinks, you will be enjoying your sunbath, swimming fun, cycling tour or stroll.

The culinary highlight is in the evening. The owner’s sister will treat you to fresh fish, meat dishes and always tasteful salades from the Greek tradition.

For the cooler evenings in springtime or summer, a glass wall has been added to a part of the terrace to keep you warm without ruining the view.

"no stress" is the daily motto of your host Athanasios

Our special Meals:
Bourdeto Fish, Pastitsada ,Fish Grill, Styfado Octapus, Tourlou-tourlou, Kleftiko Arnaki


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