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Thalasso Palace

& Spa Villas

Room with a view!

On the hill above the restaurant are located 15 apartments and rooms with a stunning view over the olivetrees, Ionic Sea and behind that the Greek mainland and rocky hills.

It will take a ship one hour to sail from the far left side of your view to the right. Just as slowly and relaxed is the little village of Notos, where you are enjoying your holidays.

The apartments are suitable for single travellers as well as couples or families. Every apartment or rooms is contains shower room, kitchenette, refrigerator, airconditioning and a spacious balcony. You are warmly welcomed to enjoy your breakfast underneath the grapevines of the pension’s terrace.

Stawrula and Tassos Vagias look after your wellbeing. They are lovingly called ‚daddy and mummy‘, although they have recently become great-grandparents.

Your room will be cleaned on a daily basis. You really don’t need to do any chores on your holidays!

Standard Services & Facilities for all rooms, appartments & villas

Beach Sun Lounger
Sea View
Sat TV

Single Room

35 square meters, 2 beds (extra bed charge)

Family Apartment

70 square meters, 4 beds (extra bed charge)

Villa Panorama

100 square meters, 4 beds, saloon (extra bed charge)

Panorama Beach House

Family: 70 square meters, 4 beds, saloon, 10m away from the beach, bbq

Single: 35 square meters, 2 beds, 20m away from the beach, bbq

Kaliviotis Beach (1,5km distance from Notos Beach)

P.S. no breakfast available

Villa Angelos

100 square meters, 4 beds, saloon (extra bed charge)

Villa Marillena

85 square meters, 4 beds, saloon (extra bed charge)

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